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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s name became, during his life time, synonymous with genius. Stix states, “Albert Einstein looms over 20th century physics as a defining emblematic figure”.

Einstein was so many things to the 20th Century. Among his most notorious, Einstein was:

He is one of those mathematicians — he is like Newton in this respect — whose work not only altered a scientific discipline, physics, but also helped to alter the very way in which man viewed nature. Albert EinsteinEinstein was instrumental in the making of great strides in both relativity and quantum theory and these strides forever altered the way in which we see the world and the way in which we understand the way in which we ourselves think and perceive. Niels Bohr, himself a towering quantum theorist, has noted that relativity and quantum theory, taken together, have altered our notions of scientific certainty by making an absolute demarcation between seer and seen a shadowy proposition at best. In the realm of the most seemingly “objective” of the “hard sciences” the discoveries of Einstein introduced an element of uncertainty. He was also praised for his work in physics. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Albert Einstein that follows your guidelines.

Einstein and Relativity

Einstein’s most famous equation, E = mc2, the energy-mass relation for events at the subatomic level, was something which, had it stood alone, would have given him the status of an immortal in the scientific community. It was, however, but one of many achievements. He was the creator of the special and general theories of relativity and was, in Whitrow’s words, “one of the greatest natural philosophers of all time”. He was born in 1879 in Germany, into a middle class household. His family moved to Milan and Einstein was encouraged by his father to undertake technical studies. Einstein applied to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich and failed the entrance exam—a fact which later generated the false legend that he “flunked mathematics” as a youth. He passed the exam on his second try and was admitted to the school in the following year. After graduating Einstein worked as a patent clerk in Bern. While working at that job he wrote and published four papers in Annales Der Physik. These attracted a great deal of attention in the physics community and eventually resulted in a university appointment.

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