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Albert Bandura Theory

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Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory uses traditional learning and development theories to take a step forward towards a comprehensive understanding of how children learn. Albert Bandura's theory is largely based on three concepts: 1) people can learn by observing others, 2) internal mental states have a significant influence on how people learn, and 3) learning something does not necessarily change someone's behavior. Albert Bandura Theory

Albert Bandura found that people can learn through three observational models. In the live model, someone learns by watching another person demonstrate a behavior. In the verbal instructional model, people learn by hearing descriptions of a behavior. In the symbolic model, people learn from behaviors in movies, books, and other types of media.

Bandura's recognizing internal states influence learning has dramatically influenced the way teachers approach their classes. For instance, instructors that use a dry teaching format that does not involve students will often find that students do not learn well because they have slipped into internal mental states of boredom.

Finally, Albert Bandura's theory recognizes that exposure to a behavior does not necessarily mean that a person will start using the behavior. Watch movies about violence, for instance, does not necessarily make people more violent.