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Al Lipscomb Research Papers

Research papers for political science classes can look at any public figure you need examined. Al Lipscomb is one example of a political figure that you can write a research paper on.

Politically, Dallas has always had its share of notoriety. Accusations of racism and corruption abound, but the most recent troubling situation revolves around the indictment of City Councilman Al Lipscomb. The question is not so much whether he did anything wrong, but perhaps whether what he did was incrementally worse than actions taken by other local politicians. Al Lipscomb

When the Democratic Federal Prosecutor indicted Lipscomb for bribery and corruption, Mayor Ron Kirk came rapidly to his defense and the general consensus seemed to be more of a shock at the indictment than outrage at the actions that prompted it. Lipscomb is accused of the following:

  • Receiving more than $95,000 in contributions from Yellow Cab in exchange for political favors
  • Ron Kirk has $750,000 in stock options with a Hicks company
  • Numerous reports show that Yellow Cab isn’t the only company that exchanged financial favors with Lipscomb, nor was Lipscomb the only politician involved in similar activities

Many lauded Lipscomb’s concern for the homeless when he proposed that the city contribute $60,000 to a local agency that offers counseling to the mentally challenged and victims of HIV/AIDS. City Council members expressed surprise when they learned, prior to taking a final vote, that Lipscomb’s wife was employed by the agency in question. Upon that revelation, Lipscomb acknowledged his conflict of interest and Kirk again insisted that there was no intent to deceive. Public and political opinion remains divided on the issue.

Almost inevitably, the issue of racism came into play. If others are involved in similar activities, why was Lipscomb singled out? Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, D - Texas, is quoted as remarking, “We are accustomed to unequal justice, so I think it’ll be seen in that fashion until something is proven.” But, while others debate the issue of unequal justice, Lipscomb maintains his innocence.

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