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The concept of Ahimsa is focused on nonviolence and refraining from any type of injury to all living beings. Ahimsa comes from the Indian religion of Jainism, one of the oldest religions in India. The focus of Jainism is the following:

  • The human soul and its relationship with other living beings leads to the natural revelation of Ahimsa as the foundation of the religion.
  • Ahimsa's basis is love and nonviolence
  • Ahimsa's focus is a peaceful coexistence with all things

In an age of terrorism such as was experienced on 9/11, Ahimsa seems like an outdated concept. AhimsaMuslim, a religion based in love, has subversive factions that use violence to achieve their goals. However, in the 5,000 years of Jainism’s existence, according to an article in the Hindu by Divya Chandrashekhar, “the practice of non-violence and peaceful, cooperative coexistence” has never been compromised. Ahimsa research papers are custom written by our religious experts. This is a sample that was written by one of our writers. We can produce a custom written project following your specific guidelines.

Ahimsa and Terrorism

Ahimsa is more relevant today than ever, as religions are found to be turning to violence to achieve their political and moral ends. It’s relevance in light of 9/11 can be witnessed in the strong foundation of respecting all human life, no matter what politics or belief systems they may embrace, and refraining from violence, especially in the name of religion. Jainists should be revered and exalted in our society today as examples of how all humans should treat one another – respecting the human soul and realizing the value of each individual’s life through non-violent behavior. Religious leaders work hard through the Ahimsa Youth Organization to teach their young love and peaceful ways.

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