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Agent Orange Exposure


Agent Orange exposure has been linked to a multitude of health effects ranging from:

The best known incidents of wide exposure to Agent Orange occurred during the Vietnam War. Originally it had been developed and tested in the 1940s as a plant growth hormone. Rather than promoting growth as intended, the compound proved itself a strong herbicide that could kill off large swaths of plant life. This is a topic suggestion on Agent Orange Exposure from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Agent Orange Exposure

Agent Orange is Highly Toxic

The U.S. military decided to employ Agent Orange to deforest much of the Vietnamese countryside in its fight against the Vietcong forces. As it turned out, the dioxin in the compound was highly toxic to people and animals as well as plants. Dioxin exposure among villagers in rural Vietnam was widespread given the volume of Agent Orange released aerially, with American troops in the area being exposed as well. People in affected areas experienced serious skin diseases and high rates of cancer. Women had frequent miscarriages and stillbirths, and many babies that survived had birth defects from prenatal dioxin exposure. Some had lifelong health problems and psychological disabilities, or were born with hernias, extra digits, cleft palates, and other deformities.

Agent Orange is Still Affects Vietnam's Crops

Dioxin is a contaminant that can remain in the soil for years. Recent testing around U.S. air force bases in Vietnam has shown extreme levels of contamination. This still impacts crops grown in the contaminated soil and animals feeding off of vegetation the area. Because of this, people living in some areas of rural Vietnam experience continued Agent Orange exposure.

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