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Agenda Voting Vs. Approval Voting

Agenda voting is a concept that somehow seems foreign to American voters.  Currently, the United States has a “one man, one vote” system in which the voter must decide the best way to cast his or her single vote.  Under an approval voting system, a person can cast ballots for as many candidates as he or she chooses. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Agenda voting vs. Approval voting that follows your guidelines.

Agenda Voting Vs. Approval Voting

American Voting System

Both systems have good and bad points.  The current voting system is a winner takes all process that clearly shows which candidate has the greater source of voter confidence.  However, the presence of a third party can cause plurality, where no clear majority winner gets elected. 

Approval voting has the option of voting for several candidates, and not being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.  However, nothing but plurality would result, and no clear victor would ever emerge.

Approval System Works


The current voting system works well for the United States, and for most elections there is no need for a change.  In governance, it is important to have leaders with the support of the majority of the voting public.

Most agenda voting proponent's agenda is that of a third party candidate, struggling for votes in a system dominated by the two main political parties:

  1. Democrats
  2. Republicans

Approval voting would be an obvious advantage to third parties.  Perhaps it would provide these candidates with a more level playing field, but 200 years of American history have demonstrated the nominal appeal of third parties.

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