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African American Education Research Papers

For generations, African Americans have been at a distinct disadvantage in the educational system; despite progress in countless other areas, this disparity exists to the present day. In general, schools that serve largely African American or other minority populations receive less funding than their white counterparts; research shows that when more money is spent per pupil, academic outcomes are likely to improve. African American EducationIn the long-term, this can be detrimental to student success. Studies show the following:

  • 85.5% of whites over the age of 25 have a high school diploma;
  • 72% of African Americans have high school diplomas.
  • When this is carried to the collegiate level 27% of whites have a bachelor’s degree
  • 13% of African Americans have a bachlor's degree

The solution is not simply to spend more money, however. Instead, policies and procedures need to be put in place to encourage educational growth and development in this underserved population. Teaching staff and school administration should include people from this underserved community; when students see people that look like them in positions of importance and prosperity, they are more likely to strive for these positions themselves. Entire communities should be encouraged to set high standards and goals for themselves and for their children; teachers and students alike need to be supported in their efforts to achieve these goals. Collaboration between parents/guardians, educators, students, and the community as a whole is vital to encouraging academic success; similarly, the successes of the school should be shared with and celebrated by the community at large.

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