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Research Paper on the Advantages of Private Schools

Schooling, as a societal good, is mandated by law. It is also fundamental that individuals need to be taught certain basic skills and common knowledge in order to function as effective adults in society. However, public school is not always the best option. There are several major advantages of private schools.

  1. Private schools can stress moral values
  2. Engage in fund raising; not tied to tax based funding
  3. Shape their own curriculum

Private schools have the ability to stress certain moral values alongside state-standard education. A very traditional example of this is a Catholic school, tied to a local diocese. Numerous private schools catering towards other religions are available throughout the United States, providing those parents seeking that stylized a American education with an option. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Private schools that follows your guidelines.

Advantages of Private Schools

Private Schools and Funding

Secondly, private schools have the ability to raise funds for educational material through tuition, and are not reliant on local tax bases. For parents that can afford certain higher levels of tuition, private schools that are more selective and an academically rigorous alternative to public schools. As a result, many private schools are able to attract quality teachers and afford educational materials that advance learning.

Private schools are not necessarily of the parochial or prep school variety. Charter schools are an increasingly popular alternative to mainstream public education. By being allowed to shape their own curriculum, charter schools have the potential to produce higher academic achievement on standardized testing, depending on one's philosophy of education.


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