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Research Papers on Adult Education

Research papers on adult education can examine the issue from the angle of the educator or the administration. Adult education programs are becoming more prolific at the college and university level. Research papers can be custom written on any adult education topic you wish.

At its most basic definition, adult education refers to the process of learning activities undertaken by adults past the traditional age of schooling. Adult education is vastly different than childhood education, as adults have life experience and accumulated knowledge that can add to the learning process. Secondly, most adults in educational settings are there voluntarily, and are generally more self-motivated than younger students.

Key Principles of Adult Education

The Canadian Literacy and Learning Network have identified seven key principles of adult education.Adult Education

  1. Adults will only learn when they are motivated to do so.
  2. Adults are practical about their education and will only learn what they feel is necessary.
  3. Adults learn through active participation.
  4. Adult learning must be realistic and based on problem solving.
  5. Each adult’s learning process is affected by his or her life experience.
  6. Adults learn best through informal means, not through a regimented curriculum.
  7. Adults want information that will improve their situation, as opposed to children who require guidance.

Adult education is also fraught with several important challenges. First, there is a huge time demand placed on adult learners, as they attempt to balance work, family, and financial commitments. Second, keeping adult learners motivated is problematic, as is overcoming initial fears of returning to educational settings.

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