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Abortion is Illegal

In the article “Abortion is Illegal” author Howard Phillips takes a strong stand against one of the major issues plaguing American politics and moral standards. Running for the Constitution Party, Phillips gives a speech that is not only strong in its sentiments but also extremely critical of those who oppose his idea of abortion politics that abortion is illegal and that abortion and murder are the same crime.


Howard Phillip’s Agenda

The tone of the author throughout this article is strict, demanding, and sure that a large base of others shares his ideas. Again and again the author repeats the phrase concerning public policy on abortion, “abortion is illegal”, at times opening a paragraph with the words and at other times repeating the phrase two times in a row to ensure the reader understands his message. In reading his article the reader understands that there is no room for compromise in his opinion, and no room for negotiation. Abortion is illegal, immoral, and against the basic law of the land. He stresses that both the abortion pill and partial birth abortion are forms of murder, inspire of popular belief.

Howard Phillips has issues he supports:

  1. End Legalized Abortion
  2. Killing of the young is unconstitutional
  3. That both parties support pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices
  4. Prosecute abortion doctors for murder

Phillips reiterates his idea by explaining how abortion is against the constitution of the United States and against the law of God. As stated by Phillips, “The first duty of the law is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood.” The article makes clear that the United States has failed to uphold this law, and has instead turned legislative activities over to the court system that was never meant or empowered by the United States Constitution to create such laws.

Phillip’s audience

Howard Phillips AbortionPhillips assumes the reading audience shares his opinion, as seen by his references to them as “friends” throughout the article. By referring to the audience as such, Phillips is attempting to persuade the audience to his way of thinking, both by argument and by familiarity. He not only believes what he is saying, he expects those who reads his words to believe them to.

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