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Nordstrom Company Analysis

Nordstrom Company Analysis research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

This is a business MBA research paper analysis on the Nordstrom company. The research paper will examine whether Nordstrom would make a good investment in terms of stocks. Research paper or company analysis on Nordstrom.  Research paper needs to include: Nordstrom Company Analysis

History of the Company

Any new developments for Nordstrom (future)? Comment on the investing activities if it’s worth the investment or is the money not well allocated.

Analyze Using Ratios

Write about articles that have analyst recommendation (if any) Analyze financing activities Compare the P/E ratio, beta, dividends to competitors w/in the industry. Comment on Nordstrom’s P/E ratio, beta, dividends. Use the other financial ratios to analyze. Include charts and tables in the research paper on Nordstroms.

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