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Motivation Theories

For the research paper select any two of the motivation theories or models studied for psychology research papers. Include in the essay the following theorists: Weiner, Keller, Maslow, and Wlodkowski. Write a research paper comparing and contrasting the two theories or models. This is a research paper on motivation theories. Motivation TheoriesThe research paper will discuss several theorists. The phenomenon of motivation refers to the process by which people are driven to engage in certain behaviors. Motivational theories have been studied at length as they pertain to work performance. However, the relationship between performance and satisfaction is unclear. In exploring this relationship and whether a causal factor exists, this paper will summarize several motivation theories. It will also explore a leader?s ability to motivate. Finally, it will explain ways to raise morale and increase productivity

Most researchers agree on the broad definition that motivation energizes, directs, and sustains behavior. To be motivated, a person must initiate activity or feel compelled to engage in a behavior. Without the initial energizing factor, tasks would not be accomplished. Next, people must be motivated to not only initiate behavior, but to work toward a specific goal. They must be motivated in a particular direction. Last, motivation must be strong enough for the behavior to sustain long enough to reach the goal.

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