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Jesus Was Not a Philosopher

Jesus was not considered a philosopher. He was not considered a philosopher in his own day; nor has he been considered a philosopher in any following time. A philosopher would not presume to say he was the Son of God, as Jesus described himself. To the Christian Church, Jesus truly is the Son of God. A philosopher, on the other hand, doesn't try to found a religion, but rather intellectually explores certain questions or Jesus Was Not A Philosophers.

Jesus Was Not a Philosopher

Some philosophers deal with subjects and questions Jesus dealt with. Such philosophers deal with truth, ethics, the basis for religion, moral conduct of life, relations to other persons, and other subjects religion is concerned with. But the philosophers do so by analysis, or logic, or a literary or historical study. They try to support their insights, perspectives, or systems by reason, experience, historical evidence, or some other scholarly, humanistic, or rational basis. In contrast to philosophers, Jesus based his authority on his mission as the Son of God.

Jesus was a religious teacher whose teachings were the basis for Christianity. A philosopher is a teacher, too, in that he tries to inform others about his thoughts, ideas, and conclusions. The thoughts, ideas, and conclusions may be informative and stimulating to others. The thoughts, ideas, and conclusions may even be taken as the basis for a way of life or course of action by some individuals. Ayn Rand and Karl Marx are philosophical thinkers whose works have had an influence on others and have affected large numbers of individuals and society as a whole to some extent. Yet the affects of even such exceptionally influential philosophers do not result in the ceremonies, rites, sacraments, and other aspects of religion that have resulted from the teachings of Jesus.

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