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The Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This research paper will discuss the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It will integrate the concepts of the emergency of the situation.

This research paper should cover the recent history (roughly the past decade) and current response of humanitarian agencies such as the UN to the ongoing crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This research paper should not be a historical analysis of a humanitarian emergency (or other topic). rather it should integrate the concepts covered in class with discussion of the emergency or topic of your choice. 

Health Services in Congo

The essay should be designed to develop or improve the skills of persons interested in providing health services in humanitarian emergencies in Africa. The Crisis in the Democratic Republic of CongoTopics to be covered in this course include the: use of early warning systems for the detection of humanitarian emergencies, logistical planning of the humanitarian response, security of food and supplies, safety of humanitarian works and refugees or internally displaced persons, assessment and surveillance, disaster epidemiology, food issues, malnutrition, feeding programs, water and sanitation, shelter, vector and pest control, and communicable diseases.


Research paper on Congo Objectives:

  1. Identify the main political, economic, social, environmental, and agricultural trends, which may be used to monitor for impending disasters.
  2. Conduct a critical analysis of early warning systems.
  3. Describe the framework and infrastructure necessary at the international and local level to create a rapid response to a humanitarian emergency.
  4. Develop a plan implementing the key elements involved in preparedness planning and responding to a humanitarian emergency.
  5. Design an intervention strategy, using key logistics, which protects humanitarian workers and vital supplies.
  6. Develop recommendations for carrying out nutritional programs.
  7. Apply environmental health principles to establish a safe water supply and to implement sanitary measures.
  8. Apply the principles of vector and pest control in humanitarian emergencies.
  9. Apply communicable disease control principles in humanitarian emergencies.

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