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Research Papers on the 1960′s

Research reports that the 1960's were an extremely eventful time in the history of the United States. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper on any aspect, event or person of the 1960's. Typical topics for the 1960's for research papers are as follows:

1960′sThe 1960's began with the Presidency of John F. Kennedy signaling a new era in politics, social elitism, and the expansion of technology into every aspect of American life. The ability of JFK to broadcast his charm and charisma into the American home, via television, won him a seat in the White House. America's proud tradition of the 50's looked hopeful to continue into the 60's through the glittering "royal family" of America, the Kennedy's and their powerful friends and social influences.  Unfortunately the 60's would not be known as the glamor era that it began as. The Bay of Pigs was a political blunder for the Kennedy administration and an embarrassment to the United States.  Kennedy regained some composure with effective intervention measures in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The tide turned against America in the 1960's when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.  A year earlier, Marilyn Monroe committed suicide and by 1965, the civil rights debate was still alive and burning in the southern states.

Martin Luther King Jr.

1963 made the name Martin Luther King, Jr. a household name with his "I have a dream" speech. Martin Luther King also had quite an impact in the Voting Rights Bill being passed in 1965. King had spent hours trying to convince President Johnson to pass the Voting Rights Bill, with eventual success. President Johnson sent a voting rights bill to Congress, and it was quickly passed and signed on August 6, 1965.  Unfortunately, King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

Changes in American Society

America began to wake up out of the white elitism of the 1950's with the death of Kennedy and the rise of counter culture in America.  Freethinking youths began to protest ill treatment of blacks and women. Idealism was out and realism struck the nation in the form of political rallies, marches and protests across college campuses nationwide.  The Vietnam War was to be the most largely protested event in US history.

The confusion that began with the assassination of JFK continued on capital hill and in the eyes of the youth of America during the Vietnam War.  58,022 men were killed, over 300,000 were slightly or severely wounded, and an estimated 250,000 men victims of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.  Drug use became prevalent among soldiers, war protesters, counter culture advocates and in the name of "free love".  Drugs were used to forget the horrors that America was finally facing in the sixties: racism, war for a political ideal, and how the materialism of the 1950's left the generation of the 1960's empty.

The 1960's was a decade of unbelievable changes in all aspects of American society. A series of political demonstrations gave people the freedom to experience their different viewpoints. Events that occurred 30 years ago has made a major impact in our lives today, from hippie trends to putting a man on the moon.

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