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Preoperative Anxiety Research Papers

Preoperative anxiety research papers are written for nursing professionals that must study the psychological and physiological affects of preoperative anxiety. Paper Masters custom writes all projects for nursing students and has topic suggestions on many different types of projects.

Paper Masters suggests you make your preoperative anxiety paper a concept analysis paper on preoperative anxiety. Our writes suggest you use Walker and Avant's model in proving your points.

How to write a Concept Analysis Research Paper:

Preoperative Anxiety
  1. Select a concept and identify aim of the analysis. I selected preoperative anxiety as my concept.
  2. Identify uses of the concept-Literature review. You will examine the concept using two disciplines other than nursing and the use of the concept in nursing. Definitions that are include should be analyzed. The literature is focused on how each discipline uses/studies the word/concept, what conditions must be present for the concept to occur, and what the outcomes of the concept are. Summary of the literature review should also compare and contrast the antecedents, critical attributes and consequences you considered.
  3. Determine antecedents, essential/critical attributes, and consequences of the concept. The rational for the selection of these must be included. This discussion should also include the rationale for excluding any of the characteristics identified in the literature review.
  4. Develop cases using identified attributes

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