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Industrial Relations

How do you start a Industrial Relations research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Wal-Mart & Labor Unions purpose of the paper is to examine Wal-Marts breaking from its long-standing practice of resisting organizing efforts at its stores in China.

This study is based on the following research question:

  1. Is Wal-Mart by allowing unions into its Chinese stores applying a complete double standard or is this the beginning of change that will affect the stores in the US too?
Industrial Relations

Assumptions in Industrial Relations Research Paper:

  1. Wal-mart is in effect applying double standards by allowing unions in China yet resisting organizing efforts at its US stores.
  2. The reason for allowing unions in China is because its the only way that they can maintain their plan in China. Part of getting along with the government in china is accepting government-sponsored unions.
  3. Wal-Mart isn’t afraid of strikes in China. China’s unions are different from unions elsewhere. The goal of China’s unions is to build a harmonious society.

Chapter by Chapter Details for Industrial Relations Research Paper:

Chapter 1 - Introduction – should include the purpose of the study, the research question, assumptions and Methodology (The research design for this study is qualitative due to the large number of variables involved with Wal-Mart’s decision to allow unions in china but not in the US. These variables cannot be measured or quantified. As a result, the qualitative approach is suitable for examining the decision-making process from a holistic perspective that supports the integration of emerging data into the findings. The specific methodology that is used involves the collection of data from primary and quality secondary sources)

Chapter 2 - Theoretical Background

Chapter 3 – Historical Background

Chapter 4 – Analysis

Chapter 5 – Conclusions – has to answer the research question based on the analysis in chapter 4 and validate or refute each of the original assumptions.

Chapter 6 – bibliography – at least 10 sources, not all sources have to be academic data from primary and quality secondary sources as mentioned above.

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