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This is a topic suggestion on HIV from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Critique a book related to HIV/AIDS Virus treatment /cures (it does not have to be a lengthy book). Focus on the cause(s) and/or effect(s) of your problem/issue.

1. Summarize the book as a whole. This should be only 1 paragraph.

HIV2. Summarize the cause /effect chapters. This would be approximately 2 paragraphs in HIV Research Paper

3. Evaluate the author’s critical thinking skills—this primarily includes book’s content, like the author’s use of reasoning, use of evidence, etc. This will be the longest portion of the Book Review! Give plenty of examples. This part of the assignment will be approximately 4 paragraphs.

4. Critique the effectiveness of the writing itself (base this on context) items to consider might include organization, vocabulary, clarity, adaptation to audience, etc. This section should be 2 paragraphs. Again, provide examples, and document when necessary.

5. In the conclusion, provide your overall critique of the book (Overall, what did you think? do you recommend it? Why or why not?) This section should be 1 paragraph.

Should be typed, double-spaced, and should be 10 paragraphs or more. Include a couple of references to the book (cited in MLA style) and have a Works Cited page in HIV Research Paper.

Overview of AIDS/HIV:

AIDS, and the virus that causes AIDS, HIV, is still a major concern of all countries in the world despite the number of new treatments currently available. Even though these treatments can help control the disease and in some cases prevent opportunistic diseases associated with it, a diagnosis of AIDS is still considered to be a death sentence.

At year-end 2002, some 40 million people worldwide were infected with HIV. In Africa, more people die of the disease than get married. In February of 2003, Reuters Health reported that the number of HIV and AIDS infections in the United States had risen for the first time in over a decade. Experts attribute the rise to “AIDS compliancy”, whereby people are not getting tested as often as in the previous decade, having more unprotected sex, and engaging in other risky behaviors.

In 25 states in the United States, new HIV cases rose by 8 percent between 1999 and 2001. In men who had sex with other men, the increase rate was 14 percent. About half of the new reported cases were women who had sex with HIV infected men.

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