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Hitler and Communism

While Adolph Hitler is a name that is typically associated with loss and reckless dictatorship, it can be surmised that without Hitler, Europe was in grave danger of the spread of communism. When Hitler began his villainous attempt at European domination, many of the democratic nations of Europe were willing to sell out to Hitler in order to stop the spread of communism from Russia to the West. In fact, it was widely believed that if Germany fell to communism, the rest of Europe would surely follow.

Hitler and Communism

Sealing the power of Hitler was his victorious abandonment of the oppressive Versailles Treaty and the building of the navel program which allowed Germany to occupy the Rhineland with little to no opposition.  Hitler’s skill at oration and negotiation allowed him to enact the Munich Agreement of 1938 which attacked the stability of the British and the French.  The German people were exhilarated by Hitler’s strong leadership and forceful policies of land acquisition which included the dismantlement of the Czechoslovakian State.  Hitler made friends with Russia and set his sites to Poland, which had the guarantee of independence backed by France and England.  On September 1st, with the blessing of the German people, German armies invaded Poland and World War II was ignited. By the time the war actually began, the issue of Russia and communism took second seat to the threat that Hitler made on the West. Hitler had changed his plan from Russian attack to gaining the smaller regions to the West and building his armies.

However, Hitler was merely biding his time with Russia until his troops could turn East successfully. Once into Russia, Hitler made it known that he believed Jews and Communists to be of the same intolerable presence. If it were not for Hitler’s attack on Russia, the spread of communism may have overtaken Europe, as feared by Great Britain and France. It was Hitler’s fanaticism that drove Russia into a state of permanent poverty, desolation from war, and politically divided by internal hostilities.

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