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Domestic Violence Research

There are many purposes for researching domestic violence. The primary purpose is to ascertain the dynamics of domestic violence in order to prevent its occurrence and to treat the offender so that abuse will not recur. Thus, long-term research regarding treatment programs is necessary to determine what treatment will ultimately stop this behavior. Martin (1997) determined that inadequate research has been conducted in the treatment of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Research

When children witness domestic violence as youngsters and then commit such violence as adults, this is often referred to as the “cycle of violence”. Whether this is factual or simply an untested hypothesis has not been adequately studied in the literature. A determination needs to be made how domestic abuse within the context of the family originates. In other words, is it learned or is this behavior acquired in another manner?

With the appropriate answers regarding domestic violence and its treatment and prevention, policy makers will be better equipped to determine laws that facilitate the appropriate functioning of families. Laws will enable offenders to receive treatment while maintaining the integrity of their families.

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