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Customer Service Standards Research Papers

Customer service standards research papers often overview various ways to set up customer service standards in an organization or corporation. Paper Masters will custom design a customer service standards program for you.

Details to Include for a Customer Service Standards Research Paper:

  • Can involve either primary or secondary research on customer service standards
  • A customer service standards research paper must include an appropriate research design (the appropriateness of the research design is a function of the problem or issue to be addressed in the research)
  • In order to be a thorough study of standards, it is best if you include at least 20 academic sources (i.e., academic journals)
  • All research projects you do for Business Classes must be formatted in accordance with the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.

Purpose for Customer Service Standards Paper

Customer Service Standards

Currently there is not a focused training program that addresses standards of customer service skills from center to center. The purpose of this study if to develop a specific customer service training for staff in order to improve customer relationships and establish a standard behavior level for customer service. An established standard of behavior will provide management with an assessment form for employment evaluations.

Existing lit review (can be added to) with the lack of strategy and little use of technology, organizations suffer expensive and questionable customer service management.

Job Corps has established training standards that deal with professional development, adolescent and child development and other various annual trainings there is no standard of customer service currently.

Successful Customer Service

Successful customer service relies on creative innovation; simply put a company does not need to apply a lot of money or technical resources to achieve desired goals. Research done over the past 10 years shows an accumulation of poor habits in customer service leads to disastrous ends. Companies with poor customer service lose market share by two percent a year as compared to companies with a high service quality gaining six percent. In addition, it costs five times as much to acquire new customers as opposed to retaining existing clients. When a customer is satisfied, on average they will inform four to five others about the experience. However, negative word of mouth travels at twice the rate of positive.

By developing customer service training Job Corps can improve service and develop standards of performance above just meeting statistical goals. Also, by creating a organizational behavior standard of customer service, management avoids the affects of poor relationship management. The development of customer service training will lead to stronger client loyalty, referrals, and lower costs of service.

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