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Cloning is currently used primarily in the medical and agricultural fields.  With a few notable exceptions, researchers in the field are focusing on genes, small organisms, tissues, and foods (primarily vegetables, grains, etc.). In those areas of research new processes for examining diseases have been developed.  Take, for example, the genetic condition called “Fragile X Syndrome”, which adversely affects the cognitive development of its victims.


Currently, cloning is being used to duplicate the “fragile” X chromosome so that it may be studied in a non-invasive manner.  The hope is that through cloning, sufficient quantities of the gene can be produced for study that a cure may be found.  In this example, it is against the actual defective gene that science is battling.  Without cloning, treatment research of any sort, including the current advances in the treatment of diabetes that has come directly from the advancement of cloning, is limited to experimentation with limited volume samples, necessitating greater amounts of donor tissues.  Cloning, then, reduces drastically the need for human subjects to provide the medium for experimentation when a single sample may be used to reproduce clones in sufficient and renewable volume.  It is important to understand that this single example is representative of the obvious and often overlooked benefits of human cloning.  That it can reduce the suffering of others in many ways.

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