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Bottled Mineral Water

A common assignment on Bottled Mineral Water is as follows:

Project – Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan

Things to Note for Botted Mineral Water Research Paper:

  • Length is to be 16 pages
  • Referencing to be in Harvard format please. Please remember to cite and/or reference all sources within the body of the project as well as in a list at the end.
  • English expression and grammar.

Project Task for Bottled Mineral Water Research Paper:

Assume that you are the promotion manager for a FICTITCIOUS national supplier of bottled mineral drinking water.

You are required to address the ENTIRE IMC mix, however, due to time and word limits, the focus of your message strategy, media strategy and budget will be on the PRINT MEDIA ELEMENT ONLY (i.e. magazines and newspapers) of the IMC program. **All other mediums are NOT to be discussed in this project**

When developing the IMC program objectives, message and media strategy, you should focus on ONE (1) public consumer segment as your target market (NOT a business or commercial segment). You should develop an IMC program that reflects the decision making process used by that target market and the relevant response hierarchy.

Bottled Mineral Water

Some good example information about bottled mineral drinking water can be found in the following websites:

Evian Natural Spring Water
Alpine Gold Mineral Water

General Information: <>

Project Requirements for Bottled Mineral Water Research Paper:

This project requires the preparation of a formal report that includes the following components as outlined below:

  • A brief introduction to the company and the product.
  • Identify and explain the current positioning
    approach of the product.
  • Provide a description of ONE (1) main consumer
    target marketing on key segmentation variables.
  • Identify and justify the likely response hierarchy
    used by the consumer target market (as identified in above) when processing messages for your product.
  • Develop some overall IMC objectives based on the
    response hierarchy.

Please note that the IMC objectives should be related to the response hierarchy identified above. Remember that good objectives are specific regarding what you want to achieve and who the target market is, quantified, measurable, and time-framed.

  • Which elements of the IMC mix will be used? JUSTIFY all of your decisions.
  • How will the elements be integrated to achieve synergy and a consistent theme?

IMPORTANT: Due to time and word limit constraints, you should focus on the PRINT MEDIA element ONLY (i.e. magazines and newspapers) from this point on.

  • Provide a clear rationale for using print media.
    What are the advantages of print media and how do these apply in this situation?
  • What are the specific objectives for the print media
  • What is the role/purpose of the print media elementin the overall IMC?
  • What type of print media and media vehicle placement will be used?
  • JUSTIFY all selections made for the above.

Discuss the creative strategy of your print media.

  • What will you say – major selling idea or theme?
  • How will you say it – advertising appeal, execution style, creative tactics?
  • How often will you say it – scheduling? (3 marks)
  • JUSTIFY all decisions made for this section
  • Conclusions
  • Summary of recommendations

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