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Books of the Bible: Hosea

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The Book of Hosea chronicles the adult life of a Jewish prophet during a turbulent time in Israel’s history. Most scholars accept that the book is an allegory of the relationship between God and Israel.

Four important sections occur in the Book of Hosea. In the first section, God commands Hosea to marry Gomer, a promiscuous woman. God Commands Hosea to marry Gomer, even though she is unfaithful, to show how God still loves his people even when they are unfaithful and turn to other gods and ignore His commandments. This section represents the period of time when Israel was unfaithful to God.

Books of the Bible: Hosea

In the second section, Hosea and Gomer have a son named Jezreel. The son’s name is important because it refers to an area of the Northern Kingdom and suggests that God will make the kings pay for the bloodshed they have caused.

In the third section, Hosea and Gomer have a daughter named Lo-ruhamah, which means “unloved.” Her birth symbolizes the lack of pity that God will have for the Northern Kingdom even though he will take pity on the Southern Kingdom.

In the final section, Hosea and Gomer have a son named Lo-ammi, which means “not my people.” This name prophesizes that God will no longer consider those in the Northern Kingdom as his chosen people.

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