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Books of the Bible: Hebrews

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The Book of Hebrews is a lengthy letter included in the New Testament that encourages Christ’s followers to withstand persecution and remain true to the newly formed church. The authorship of Hebrews is widely disputed. Although some scholars believe that Paul wrote this book, there is significant disagreement within Christian scholarship about who the actual author is.

Books of the Bible: Hebrews

Readers can see Hebrews as a text directed at early Christians, encouraging them to remain within the faith after the death of Jesus Christ. At the time, many followers may have been abandoning the faith to return to the synagogue. Followers may have also been adopting pagan rituals, leaving for new sects of the Christian faith, or placing greater importance on how Jewish tradition influenced Christianity. One could argue that Hebrews intends to dissuade people from following any of these possible paths.

Hebrews is interesting from the perspective of Christian theology because it describes Jesus Christ as a high priest as well as God. This dualism does not often occur in the New Testament or common religious thought, with most Christians accepting that Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity or the physical manifestation of God on earth.

Hebrews also claims that God did not leave evidence that he created the world, but rather that humans accept this creation on faith alone.

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