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Is Plagiarism Important? Just ask Coldplay

Outside of plagiarism just being dead wrong, there are psychological issues involved with taking someone elses work. I’m always preaching anti-plagiarism and being careful about citing information. The resent accusations of plagiarism against Coldplay illustrate how delicate an issue plagiarism is for artists. Basically, Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, is accusing Coldplay of stealing a guitar riff of his in the song Viva La Vida. Yusuf is a little sensative of this issue, as he has, in the past, accused several artists of plagiarism and sued one, The Flaming Lips. So Coldplay has a fight on their hands. Both sides are hurt and both sides think they are right. The only protection either side has is careful documentation of their own work, even as musicians.

Plagiarism is a serious offense and knowing how to avoid it is very important for college students. It follows you throughout your life, even if your rock stars. Lesson learned…document, document, document. Even if we are talking only 8 notes in a scale and only 7 different ones.

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