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Emotional Benefits of Using the Internet for Research

There are obvious benefits for using the internet for research – ease of access being the most pervasive. Outside of the obvious, there are many lesser thought of perks that deserve explication in relation to researching using the internet. The most advantageous of all the benefits is the learning value that internet incorporates through the psychological process of internet research.

Brain research indicates that memory is greatly improved when individuals are emotionally engaged in the research process. The timelessness of the internet and the relevancy of the search process typically engages an individual and encourages follow-through on topics that have direct meaning or application to him or her. When application and interest match, an emotional tie is created between the researcher and the research. A student is than actively engaged in the research process and invested in the outcome, ensuring a greater chance for quality in the final product.

Introducing research in the classroom has shown not be be effective in learning outcomes (Di Vesta & Smith, 1979). What is recommended is a type of learning called “learning by design”. Learning by design is the active engagement of a student in a project because he or she is required to design the research and the direction of the research. From thesis to hypothesis to illustrating the direct evidence proving the hypothesis, learning by design forces participation at every level of the learning process. The Internet is the perfect venue for utilizing the concepts of learning by design.

Di Vesta, F., and Smith, D. (1979). “The Pausing Principle: Increasing the Efficiency of Memory for Ongoing Events,” Contemporary Educational Psychology, Vol. 4.

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