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Custom Written Article Summaries

Graduate level or even undergraduate level courses that require article summaries are Paper Masters specialty. Paper Masters custom writes all article summaries and provides you a complete copy of the article free of charge. Provide your own article or have our writers choose the article.

Summarizing articles has both academic and real-world purposes. It is a good way to check comprehension, to gather a variety of sources for larger projects, and is a viable alternative to paraphrasing or directly quoting a source in a paper. Again, though the written output will be brief, creating a fair, objective summary can be challenging.

Content of a good article summary: As you compose, remember to pick out the focus or main idea of the article and make it the thesis sentence of your summary. Do not forget to restate the author's name and the title of the piece within your summary. You should also pick out three to four relevant, important supporting points. Use specific details sparingly, and only when they clarify an important point or carry significant weight by themselves. You should remember to stay objective.

Article Summaries from Paper Masters

Each article review should be divided into the following five segments:

  1. ABSTRACT: A full citation of the article according to APA style.
  2. INTRODUCTION: The grand research questions or themes of the article.
  3. METHOD: The method(s) of data collection (if any) and data analysis.
  4. RESULTS: Summary of the findings and results of the analysis.
  5. DISCUSSION: Critique of the articles: how useful was each journal article in understanding the grand question or theme posed by the author.


Every Research Paper includes the following:

  • Bibliography/Reference Page
  • Recent and Up-To-Date Sources
  • Adherence to style guidelines (MLA, APA, etc...)
  • 1" margins, Courier New Font and Double-Spaced
  • Free revisions if the order was not followed
  • 24 hr telephone support
  • Guaranteed original and plagiarism free

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