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The Art of War

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Written nearly 2500 years ago by ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, The Art of War was written for the purpose of victory on the battlefield.  However, The Art of War still remains an effective tool not only for military warfare, but serves as a philosophy for business administration and successful leadership in our modern age as well. Sun Tzu states, “To win without fighting is best.”  And the point of The Art of War is to help people learn to negotiate conflicts and learn guidelines to succeed.  

The Art of War

Sun Tzu’s philosophy can serve as a guideline for many different war and leadership principles, including the principles of maneuver, objective, offensive, surprise, the economy of force, mass, unity of command, simplicity, secrecy, deception, practicality, responsibility, practicality, shared objective, strategy, structure, system, staff, skill, style, innovation leadership and mergers and acquisitions. What I like about the words of Sun Tzu is that he is quick to the point.  There aren’t a lot of wordy explanations, just very precise statements, which adds to the book’s effectiveness.  

The thing that intrigued me the most about The Art of War were the insights into leadership and business that Sun Tzu’s philosophy provided. Anyone that has been in any type of leadership understands the truth of such words.  If you are a weak leader, you will not be respected by those under you.  If you are a strong leader but do not have a strong staff that is able to support you then your plans will fail.  

The thing that makes Sun Tzu’s words so great even today is that they are applicable principles to today’s business world, making The Art of War one of the most useful books for those that want to enhance their leadership capabilities.

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