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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was born July 356 B.C. in the city of Pella as Alexander III. Alexander is well known for being one of the kings of Macedon. The State of Macedon is located in northern Ancient Greece. During his early life, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle. Aristotle's tutoring ended when Alexander came to the age of 16. Alexander the GreatBy the time he was thirty, he had constructed one of the largest empires known of the ancient world. His Empire stretched from the Ionian Seas, all the way to the Himalayas. Alexander never succumbed to defeat in battle. For this, he is considered to be one of the most successful commanders the world has ever known.

In 336 B.C., Alexander's father Philip II of Macedon was assassinated. After the death of his father, he immediately inherited his father's kingdom and army. With his newfound authority, he chose to launch his deceased father's expansion and military plans. In the year 334 B.C., he was able to invade the Achaemenid empire and rule Asia Minor. Alexander was able to break down the power of Persia and overthrow the Persian King Darius III. This victory allowed him to completely control the Persian Empire, which expanded his Empire from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus River.

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