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Airline Security

Airline Security: American Airline Security.

This is what I need you to do

  1. New procedure for screening passengers and Baggage’s
  2. Customer Relations and effect of the screening process
  3. The financial impact, the strengthen security plays on the industry as a whole.
  4. The impact heighten have on international travel.
  5. Future Trends
  6. Limitation, Conclusion and Recommendation
Airline Security

Detailed Information on Airline Security Term Paper:

  1. Abstract
    (The Abstract content identifies the research question (aka the issue, problem, etc.) which is followed by the primary results or recommended solutions. Block style, no indent, and single paragraph, maximum of 100 words.
  2. Background information-including a literature search, interviews etc. utilizing at least 10 different references cited in A.P.A. style in the paper and listed in the reference list. Investigate the background of the problem, need, situation or issue that you have identified. Use current references citing them in A.P.A. style.
  3. Proposal of at least two solutions or recommendations and Propose at least two solutions or recommendations for the new initiative, need, situation, issue, or problem. Identify each one in a separate section of the paper. providing evaluations of the 2 proposed solutions which are supported by APA cited references.
  4. Evaluation of the solutions or recommendations and choice of the primary solution or recommendation with a rationale for that choice. Evaluate the proposed solutions or recommendations. Decide which one best meets the needs of the organization. Give a detailed rationale for the choice. Provide evaluation of the 2 proposed solution which are supported by APA CITED REFERECE.
  5. Cite sources using A.P.A
  6. Limitations, Conclusions and Recommendations Opening paragraph… This section recognizes that the solutions are based upon certain assumptions and limitations of applicability. It develops the conclusions and recommended solution which is supported by APA cited references.
    • I would like you to use these three article in my references also in the paper when you are do the cited reference in background, Proposal, Evaluation and conclusions and recommendations. My cited references are very important. I need 10 Sources

One of the Required Souces Listed Below:

Expanded Academic ASAP Plus
Commuter Regional Airline News, Nov 22, 2004 v22 i45 p0 'Secure Flight' Gives Regionals Some Relief.

Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2004 Access Intelligence, LLC.
Regional air carriers are seeing their responsibility to check passenger names against certain security watch lists transferred to the U.S. government in an effort to deploy an updated passenger prescreening system.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Nov. 12 ordered all U.S. air carriers to submit passenger name record information from the month of June to the agency by Nov. 23. The information will be used to test the TSA's "Secure Flight" program that could replace the Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS) used by airlines since 1997.

TSA previously announced airlines would be freed from managing the expanded automatic selectee list and no-fly list. The agency said it would overtake responsibility of the lists since the government's Terrorist Screening Center already supplies all the information.

For regional carriers with code-share agreements, their network partner will transfer the June data, said Deborah McElroy, president of the Regional Airline Association (RAA). The few independent regionals will be responsible for delivering the information from their reservation systems, she added.

The two TSA orders signal progress in updating CAPPS after an earlier attempt succumbed to pressure from privacy and civil libertarian groups.

"The data from the airlines will enable us to test the program's operating capacity and fine-tune it," said David Stone, TSA's assistant secretary for homeland security. "This process will also provide an opportunity to ensure that privacy safeguards are appropriately addressed before moving to implementation."

The new system remains controversial, however.

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